GoldStar Group, a Services Company. GoldStar Group is an Oil/Gas and Digital Infrastructure Service Company. A company focused on Guyana and the Caribbean region, by delivering high quality standards and pioneering new technologies. About Us arrow_forward Contact Us
GoldStar Group

Who we are?

GoldStar Group is an Oil/Gas and Digital Infrastructure Service Company. The Company focuses on two main sectors, Oil Services and Digital Infrastructure Projects. We provide our customers with an immediate and efficient solution to their needs.
The Company is located in Georgetown, Guyana, offices in Miami/USA and Calgary/Canada allowing GoldStar Engineering to access to one of the most important Oil/Gas projects in the World. Our location also provides us with a geographical competitive advantage in the Caribbean Community countries and Latin America.
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GoldStar Group

Services and Solutions

Non-Destructive Testing

GoldStar Group division through its strategic ally, Logic NDT Solutions Canada. is committed to provide cutting-edge services and solutions in the area of Non- Destructive Testing to the Caribean and South America.

Vacuum Trucks and Logistic

GoldStar Group have available for rental, Vacuum Type units with a capacity of 160 Bls. ideal for the transport of industrial water, oil-based fluids, water-based fluids and fluids in general.

Engineering and Down Hole Tools

We have a high skilled team of engineers, designers, and field personnel from various disciplines with more than fifteen years’ experience on average.

Digital Infrastructure

We design, engineer and deliver digital products and experiences that drive digital-first business models. We offer the most comprehensive digital engineering expertise and client-centric methodology for sustainable innovation.


GoldStar Group is proudly offering modern compressive HVACR equipment and services to Guyana market. You can rely on us to help to keep your business and home comfortable all year long.

Camping Equipment

GoldStar Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality chassis mounted trailers; Our units are built to custom specification, constructed in panels with its structures protected from thermal insulation.
Experience, competence, quality, innovation, sustainability – these are the keys to success of Byron International for the realisation of large international construction projects.
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GoldStar Group

The GoldStar Group team began operations in 2014 in our allied company SYSVENCOL on the dawn of the fall of oil prices and its devastating effects on the financial performance of the oil/gas sector around the world. Despite this turn of events, GoldStar Engineering has continued to effectively face the challenging operations within the Latinoamerican market.
The Company is comprised of a strong professional team, with an average of 25 years of experience. The Company is focused on business opportunities at the main oil field in Guyana, which includes: Non-destructive testing, Camping Equipment, Vacuum and Fluid Logistic Services, Digital Infrastructure and Engineering and Completion tools.
These distinct lines of product and service allows GoldStar Group to create a strong bussines portfolio for the growing market of Guyana.
GoldStar Group

Our Allies

Logic NDT Solutions Ltd is an oil service company committed to providing top level service solutions in differents areas.

Is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution and installation of high-performance downhole monitoring solutions.

Is a global oil and gas service conglomerate compromised of G&L Slotco Ltd, Regent Energy Group Ltd, and Regent Global Machine and Tool Ltd.

Sysvencol is a company focused on providing services and products to the South American energy market.

It is a company dedicated to creating tailor-made solutions using an experienced engineering and design team from various disciplines.

It is a technology and petroleum services provider focused on improving efficiency and safety in unconventional oil and gas production around the world.

GoldStar Group

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